Ebook encouraging 'risk' learners in the outdoors

Encouraging ‘risk’ learners in the outdoors!

How often do you provide the opportunities for children to open up their senses, be a risk taker and interact with nature? An enriching and adventurous experience like this has more benefits than we can imagine.

In this E-book, we will be sharing the benefits of bringing our children out to explore in a natural setting and what are some of the learning opportunities and adventures that we can consider designing for our children in the outdoor environment. Through this, we hope to spread the love for outdoor, and inspire you to encourage your children to be ‘RISK’ learners.

This can be a great tool for educators and parents.

Home Based Learing

Bringing Nature Indoors!

Learning with Nature definitely happens in a park or nature reserve itself. However, it is also very important to create such learning at home, school or in your immediate outdoors. With the learning opportunities in the different spaces, it allows children to form a stronger connection with nature and develop their ecological empathy and intelligence!

If you were wondering how this can be done, contact us now and we will be sending you some resources to start with.

This can be a great tool for educators and parents.