Water Trekkers @Local Catchment


22 – 24 Nov 2021, 9am – 3pm

24 – 26 Nov 2021, 9am – 3pm


Day 1 – Mountbatten Square

Day 2 – Bishan AMK Park

Day 3 – Lower Pierce Reservoir

(Transportation is provided from Mountbatten Square to parks.)

Recommended Age

5 – 6 years old (Junior Class)

7 – 9 years old (Senior Class)

Instructor to child ratio

1:4 (Due to Covid situation, ratio will be kept small.)


$330 (before GST)

(Inclusive of Meals, Transportation, Materials and Instructor cost)


Bundle deals – 10% discount!

  • Sign up with siblings to enjoy this!

About the programme

Where does our local water come from? Where can we find them? 

How we do conserve them and why do we need to do so? 

Join us in having an exciting adventure in the canals, streams and catchment areas in Singapore!
In this programme, children will be investigating and discovering the interrelationships between water, human and other living things on earth.

They will also be using simple tools to create resources and equipment needed for water activities outdoors.

Water Trekkers, get your suit ready and off we go!