Tall Timber Labrador Park

Creating a fishing rod with a Timber Hitch Knot
Date16 - 18 March, 2020

09 - 11 June, 2020
Recommended Age5 - 9 years old
Registration before10 March, 2020
(March run)

18 May, 2020
(June run)
Instructor to child ratio1:6
Fee$300 for 3 days
StateRegistration has started
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  • Sign up by 15 May (June run)

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About the programme

Why are Trees so important to us not only in our daily lives but also when we go outdoors?

Have you wondered how trees and ropes can be used to build structures?

This programme provides the opportunity for children to learn and develop one of the most important survival skills when going outdoors – how to build a shelter to protect themselves from the elements using ropes and tying knots.

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This programme has ended.