Forest Scouts @ Chestnut Nature Park

Date/ Time

Due to covid situation, outdoor programmes will be postponed till further notice. Join our mailing list for new updates!


Day 1 – Mountbatten Square
Day 2 and 3 – Chestnut Nature Park
(Transportation is provided from Mountbatten Square to parks.)

Recommended Age

5 – 6 years old (Junior Class)

7 – 9 years old (Senior Class)

Instructor to child ratio

1:6 (Due to Covid situation, ratio will be kept small.)


$300 (before GST)

(Inclusive of Meals, Transportation, Materials and Instructor cost)


Bundle deals – 15% discount!

  • Sign up with siblings to enjoy this!

About the programme

What are hazards and risks and how are they different?

What are the poisonous plants and venomous animals around us and what should we do if we encounter them?

During the school holidays, join us on a rescue mission to find the trail of the lost soldier and save him from the forest trolls! Your child will be learning about risk assessment and safety among the floral and fauna around us as they take part in this rescue mission!

The programme is full. Do sign up HERE to join our waiting list!