Enchanted Forest @ Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

Date/ Time

6 – 8 Dec 2021, 9am – 3pm

8 – 10 Dec 2021, 9am – 3pm


Day 1 – Mountbatten Square
Day 2 and 3 – Dairy Farm Nature Reserve
(Transportation is provided from Mountbatten Square to park.)

Recommended Age

5 – 6 years old (Junior Class)

7 – 9 years old (Senior Class)

Instructor to child ratio

1:4 (Due to Covid situation, ratio will be kept small.)


$330 (before GST)

(Inclusive of Meals, Transportation, Materials and Instructor cost)


Bundle deals – 10% discount!

  • Sign up with siblings to enjoy this!

About the programme

What if we told you that a fun hiking trip with friends can transform into a meaningful learning experience for your children, will equip them with various life skills that benefit them in the long run?

During this 3-day programme, your children will learn about the wonders of our natural environment such as the animals, flora and fauna, and engage in other exciting new experiences! Supervised height activities will encourage children to challenge their own limits and develop their resiliency and confidence!

Look forward to a time of boundless fun and hands-on learning with the explorers at Dairy Farm Nature Park!

Limited Slots available! Join us now!